Monday, July 18, 2022

The Farewell Letter to my Most Recent Real Estate Salesperson Pre-L Class

 Marshall McCart | | 678.333.4646

 June 2022 To: Our Fearless AREU Pre-License Students 

RE: The Finish Line & The Road Ahead 

Well guys, here we are - the end of the line & of our time together. For those of you not taking the Review & Make-Up Course, this will be goodbye for now, though I hope I’ll be seeing you down the road & maybe we’ll do a co-op together one day! 

This is always a bit of a bittersweet moment for me. As I mentioned to you at the beginning of the course, each time around is a brand new journey for me & each group becomes a unique family of sorts. I’ve really enjoyed getting to know you guys & y’all have been a really good group, so thanks for that & I’m going to miss you. 

Also, I want to tell you the same thing I told you the first night of class but now in a very different context: Congratulations! But even more so now, as you guys have really crossed the biggest hurdle yet - you’re still standing. And that’s a big, big deal. There are others who can’t lay claim to that. Think about how much you’ve done & achieved these past two months; think about how much more knowledge & information you now possess.

 It’s a beautiful thing. 

But, the journey is far from over. You’ve made it to a very important point, but now you’ve got to take it to the next two levels – the in-class final & then State. 

Always remember to stay positive. The mental aspect is almost as important as knowing the subject material. It’s very important. 

And remember the...

3 Keys to Test Taking


READ THE QUESTION ( & Each Answer!) 

TRUST YOUR GUT (more times than not when you change an answer you’re changing it to the wrong one)

And the7 Mantras: 

Per The Agreement 

Talk to Your Broker (Ask Your Broker) 

Disclose, Disclose, Disclose 


Dot your I’s & Cross your T’s 

The Grandma Rule (Do the Right Things & Do Things Right) 

Know Your Role – Remember Your Scope of Authority - Do not Overstate Yourself or your Expertise It’s truly been my pleasure. Best, Marshall McCart

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