Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Thoughts on the Republic & the Current State of Things

While it may seem like the "Grand Experiment" has failed here the past year or so, I distinctly disagree.

We should've known we were in trouble a few years back when they made a "hip" musical out of Alexander Hamilton, the worst of the worst of the "framers."

Of course, that musical is now currently starting to get blowback - for all the wrong reasons.

In my opinion, the woke, base mob wants nothing short of total annihilation of all things Columbia, Libertas & the Founding Fathers, and whilst many of us know that Hamilton should be discounted for many other reasons - namely his appreciation & endorsement of the concept of statist corporatism (mercantilism) for starters - some out there can't even begin to wrap their minds around that concept anyway, so it'd be a total waste of time to even try.

Life's too short.

At some point you just have to realize & appreciate that truth & accept the fact that it's not worth your time &/or energy. It does no good with some; however, these people - this vocal minority, as well as their counterparts on the hard right - actually constitute nothing more than just a few percentage points of our country's population.

Why in the hell should we let these people dictate our future?


A few thoughts from men much smarter than yours truly:

"The U.S. Constitution is the most unique & best contract ever drawn up between a people & their government in history. Though flawed from the beginning, because all men are flawed, it nevertheless has served us well & set an example for the entire world..."

Dr. Ron Paul
OB/GYN, former US Congressman & Presidential Candidate

And a question:

"Can a nation rise above the injustices of its origins and, by its moral purpose & performance, atone for them? All nations are born in war, conquest & crime, usually concealed by the obscurity of a distant past. The United States, from its earliest colonial times, won its title deeds in the full blaze of recorded history, and the stains on them are there for all to see & censure: the dispossession of an indigenous people, and the securing of self-sufficiency through the sweat & pain of an enslaved races. In the judgmental scales of history, such grievous wrongs must be balanced by the erection of a society dedicated to justice & fairness. Has the United States done this? Has it expiated its organic sins?"

Paul Johnson
Famed Historian (not the former techie head coach) & the author of "A History of the American People"

Regarding Dr. Paul's statement - Absolutely.

Regarding Mr. Johnson's question - Yes, in my thorough analysis & estimation, though, naturally, we continue to create that More Perfect Union.

Continuing on this journey, to me, is definitely the way to go, rather than devolving into some marxist anarchy where it's only power for power's sake & the tenants of fair play, plain dealing & an adherence to the Golden Rule are totally discounted.

That's the way I see it.

Very Kindly Yours,

Marshall Benson McCart
North Covington, GA
29 July 2020

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