Sunday, February 25, 2018

A History of Georgia Railroads” - by Robert C. Jones
- a book review by Marshall McCart

* originally appeared in The Covington News, July, 2017

If, like me, you have long been fascinated by and have had a long, deep-rooted interest, perhaps since you were a young child, of trains, railroads, and things of the like, then I think I may have just the book for you. Published by The History Press and authored by Robert C. Jones, “A History of Georgia Railroads” had its first edition published earlier this year in 2017.

Truly a fine book, Mr. Jones has a fun and interesting writing style in which his passion for all things trains and railroads is quite obvious. He also doesn’t mind interjecting his own thoughts and experiences in this work, like when he recounts the times he’s ridden the Southern Crescent - the well-known, long-time passenger train which can actually take you all the way from New York to New Orleans with a couple of Georgia stops in between.


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